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The twenty-first century is a fast-paced era. Many of us are increasingly mindful of our need for ‘me time’. Digitalisation is not just limited to our workplaces: it has long since entered our homes, where it continues to exert its influence. First, our television sets and VCRs became digital. Then we had PCs and notebooks. The next step added our illumination systems, heaters and kitchens to the ever-growing network. So far, it has not yet crossed the walls of our homes.

We are taking your home to the next level by making your garden smart. You as a user do not need any technical expertise to make this automation happen. After all, you probably want to enjoy your garden rather than learning about technology.

The Smart Garden is so much more than just an app-controlled watering system. Smart means: it makes your life easier. Intelligently coordinated systems exchange data and work as a unit – and for much more than just watering the lawn.

Our task at viRaTec is to develop these solutions. Enjoy your smart garden with MIYO.

About viRaTec

The Smart Garden company viRaTec GmbH, founded in May 2016 by Roland Grösslich and Alexander Lampret in Vienna, Austria, has set itself the goal of bringing Smart Home into the garden. The company’s track record is lined with accolades and awards. The aim of viRaTec GmbH is to develop a relevant and sustainable market position in the field of Smart Gardens.

REHAU, the global specialist for garden technology, invested in viRaTec in 2017. The two companies look forward to an equal partnership with mutual benefits. They have agreed on a shared vision that will take the technological trends of Smart Home and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the world’s gardens. As a global player with more than 20,000 employees at more than 170 locations, REHAU is the ideal strategic partner. Beyond its financial strength, it also contributes its sector-specific expertise to the joint venture.

Our values

Economical sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Responsible production

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smart up your garden with MIYO

Enjoy your garden while MIYO does the rest. The smart irrigation system MIYO feeds each and every plant with exactly the right amount of water, from your vegetable patch to your grass and hedges. With the MIYO app, you can manage and track everything easily on your smartphone.

To find out exactly how MIYO works, have a look at







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Viratec Profilbild - Roland

Roland Grösslich



Roland Grösslich has a passion for thinking outside the box. He studied international project and innovation management.

In the mid-nineties, he started his sales career as a field representative of an insurance company. His voluntary work for one of the world’s largest non-profit organisations helped him to become an experienced sales strategist.

Now, more than 20 years later, he is turning his own visions into a successful business. Ask him about the greatest challenge in this project, and he will tell you about his dedication to empowerment, innovative drive and a culture of constructive criticism. To him, success is a lot more than just a juicy balance sheet. Above all, it is measured by the sustainability of his company.

Viratec Profilbild - Alexander

Alexander Lampret



Alexander Lampret has been a tech aficionado since he was little. Of course, his first career steps were in a technological profession: after studying electronics and telecommunications technology at technical college, he embarked on a degree in biomedical engineering and medical informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. During his studies, he worked on projects in radio communication, microelectronics and embedded systems with great precision, passion and ingenuity.

He later joined a telecommunications provider as a sub-project manager on a large-scale IT project. This position allowed him to manage and direct intercultural teams of product developers. The varied challenges of international staff management and developmental responsibility have made him an exemplary CTO.

viratec Matthias Sturm

Matthias Sturm



Matthias Sturm is a marketing expert through and through. After his vocational training and first steps in the financial industry, he decided during his parental leave that he would like to be his own boss. He promptly started his self-reliant consulting business with a focus on entrepreneurship.

In 2002, he started his career with the global polymer specialist REHAU. It did not take him long to be promoted to manager of the communications and PR department. He simultaneously worked as head of the supervisory board and reported directly to the family that owns the business. Twelve years later, he was promoted to head of the Hose and Silicone Solutions subdivision.

In the partnership between REHAU and viRaTec, he represents the former as its CEO. Many years of experience, expertise and passion for this work help him excel at his strategic and operative tasks in this role.


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A powerful partnership: REHAU and viRaTec

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