Hibernation? Not with us… viRaCube is looking forward to the summer!

First plants are beginning to bloom and also the first animals are awakening from their hibernation. Speaking of hibernation… well, definitely not for us this year.
Because we accepted a challenge, “Make the garden beautiful”. This is why I want to tell you what we did instead of hibernation this year.

After we claimed our new desks and obviously also the coffee machine, we started with our business plan and business case. Is our business model conclusive? Where do we get our first production costs from? Where do we produce at all? Does it pay off to go to the Far East? Or should we rather produce locally? Does a solar panel really need to be this big? What should we write to an industrial designer? What do we need to prepare now to successfully launch a funding campaign in 6 months? These and more are the questions right now.

Questions upon questions – oh boy… This is how you keep your brain busy.

Meanwhile Alex put our first prototyping lab into operation. Well obviously it is not a cleanroom as common in most big concerns. It is more a typical startup-like lab. So an eating table transforms into a workbench and shortly after it changed again into a programming lab. A shower is converted into a climate test chamber. After everything worked out as planned, we asked ourselves why others spend so much money on ‘real’ labs… 😉

Since we got support of a student with the beginning of the year, our app development makes huge steps forward. For us Alaa is an amazing help and within a few days he presented the first mockups he designed, which will now become filled up with functions.

As you can see, we successfully fought against our hibernation and are now looking forward on an exciting time.

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