What does viRaCube do different?

viRaCube uses 868 MHz (EU) or 916 MHz (US) radio frequency to provide a range up to 1km outside.

Each information and configuration is stored locally on viRaCube. Therefore no internet connection is needed. If worldwide access is needed, an internet connection is required.

All outdoor devices are powered by solar energy. There is no need to change batteries anymore.

To prevent irrigation problems because of low water pressure, all valves are automatically staggered. If needed this function can be deactivated for each irrigation area separately.

What does „irrigation area“ mean?

Different areas in a garden, such as lawn in shade or sun, raised bed or a hedge need a specific amount of water and therefore have to be irrigated at varying points in time.

Depending on the water pressure (water supply, pump for ground water, water well) a defined areas can be irrigated.

What does „amount of pipes“ mean?

Amount of pipes is another phrase for irrigation area. One pipe is equivalent to one area.

Is it possible to include viRaCube into existing smart home systems?

Yes, we are going to provide an API for other systems. The implementation priority for all necessary plugin mainly depends on feedback and requests.

What makes viRaCube sustainable?

There is no waste of batteries, the system optimizes the water usage (more or less amount of water needed due to the required demand) and low CO2 values because the production is located in Europe.

What are we doing different?

Sensors are measuring the soil moisture and are controlling the irrigation for a sector as required whenever the plants really need some water. The used algorithm is unique in the field of irrigation systems and the patent is in preparation right now.

The devices used outdoor are supplied with solar energy, which makes it possible to abstain from usage of batteries. Therefore viRaCube offers the ability to avoid hundreds of batteries a year and the caused waste.

The system can be easily extended, because all used components are connected with radio and no cables need to be installed.

Are there one-time or continuous costs?

The hardware components require a one-time payment. To control the system at home no additional costs incurred if it is used in your own WLAN.

Where do I get sprinkler and tubes?

Sprinkler and tubes are available in each well-sorted building market or specialist shop. viRaCube is a irrigation control system which is compatible with all existing sprinklers and tubes.

Is viRaCube compatible to other irrigation control systems?

Yes, viRaCube’s valves use commercially available ¾” connectors or are provided with known quick coupler.

What does the viRaRain measure?

viRaRain is a rain sensor that recognizes whether it is raining and measures additionally the temperature and air moisture in the garden.

What does the viRaSensor measure?

viRaSensor is a soil moisture sensor that measures the soil moisture in a specific depth in the ground and additionally brightness and temperature.

How many sensors are needed?

For each irrigation sector a sensor and a valve is needed. Therefore the components are offered as a bundle.

Is the system extendable?

Yes, it is easily extendable due to the radio connection and commercially used connections.

How much sun do the devices need in the garden?

Please make sure that the solar panel is not covered and located outdoor. viRaCube’s devices are so efficient that they do not need to be placed directly in the sun.

What should be considered during winter?

All mobile components (Sensor and valve) should be taken down.

The pipes need to be drained in order to avoid damage due to freezing.

How do I install viRaCube?

Just unpack, connect to internet and water pipes and start the App. You will be asked in the App to put a magnet on all components for at least 2 seconds and you are ready to irrigate your garden.

How does the system work?

How it works


The measurements are collected by sensors and delivered to viRaCube. This is where the magic happens. viRaCube controls the valves due to the required amount of water.

Do I need a gardener?

No, not for the irrigation system.

Why do I need the App?

The App is needed for installing, optimizing and controlling viRaCube.

Which size can my garden have to be irrigated with viRaCube?

It does not matter if your garden has 50 m² or 500m². The radio signal has a coverage of 700 – 1000 m.

What is more important is the amount of needed pipes.

What makes the team of viRaCube special?

The team of viRaCube is special in its composition. Roland is responsible for Marketing and Sales whereas Alexander takes care about the technical part. Alaa is supporting the implementation of the App.

We live and love viRaCube – but not only we, also our freelancer in creative areas love to be part of viRaCube.